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Hello, I'm Liza. 

I specialize as a Family and Newborn Photographer in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 


I discovered my passion for photography long ago, but after my first baby was born, that glowing ember sparked into a passionate blaze.  As she grew, I found myself more and more enraptured with my camera and the process of documenting our best memories in beautiful photos. 


Now, as a proud mother to three beautiful girls, I’ve realized another passion: babies.  I am fascinated with teeny, tiny little humans. I also find myself marveling over the fact that I have the ability and the technology to turn real-life moments into breathtaking works of art. Doing what I love, I find I am capable of taking moments that one might usually miss and turn it into powerful artwork that easily becomes someone’s favorite memory.  


 I love the idea of plucking a moment right before your eyes and turning it into a stunning work of art. To me, photographs are the most precious thing a person can possess. There is nothing else on this earth that increases in its precious nature as time goes on. These are not short term investments, but heirlooms to be carried on long after we've passed. There is no other way to preserve a moment in time as perfectly as a printed photograph can. I love creating images that get you right in the feels. 


When you choose me, I am dedicated and committed you, your experience, and your keepsakes. I am fully invested in what I produce and deliver, and I would be so delighted to have the opportunity to show you how we can capture your life's best moments perfectly.


I can't wait to get started in creating YOUR perfect keepsakes. 


Warmest Greetings,


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