Family Session Prep Guide

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Clothing 101: Choose a light color palette. 

If you're drawn to my work, you like soft, dreamy images, filled with lots of light.  

Choose clothes that are light colors.  Think whites, creams, khaki, pastels.  Coordinate colors, but avoid matchy-matchy. 

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Start with Mom. 

Elevate from your everyday.  Dresses are beautiful, as are long, flowy skirts that show some movement.  You're always welcome (encouraged!) to borrow from the studio wardrobe.  If you want to shop, these online boutiques consistently have lots of beautiful options:

Morning Lavender, Baltic Born, Lulu's, Red Dress, Pink Lily.


Skip the jeans and boots. Avoid loud patterns. 

Here are some beautiful things from...


Red Dress

Pink Lily

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Dad is easy. 

Dad should match mom's level of elegance and formality.  

If Mom is living her best life in something beautiful, Dad should come along for the ride! 


Start with a long sleeve button down shirt in white or light blue.

You can add a light-colored sweater if it's chilly.

Pair with dress pants,  chinos / khakis, or mid-wash jeans (not shorts).

Close-toed shoes like loafers, oxfords, or dress shoes.  


Avoid sneakers or sandals for Dad, and remind him to remove the smart watch and empty his pockets before the session to avoid lumpy pants. 

Tried and true Dad options on this Amazon list. 

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Children, in general. 

Simple clothes, light colors.  No logos or  characters, please.  Let each child weat a different color / pattern- save sibling mathcing for another time.  

The impulse is to buy new clothes in a size up, to leave room to grow.  However, when clothes are baggy, children look disheveled.  Best to size down for photos. 


The Studio Wardrobe offers a good selection for girls from birth through age 10.  Boys options are limited to just a few sizes- chat with me and we will find the perfect thing. 

If you are local to Chattanooga, two WONDERFUL shops for children's clothing are The Sandbox Boutique in Northshore, and Sweet E's Boutique in Ooltewah's Cambridge Square.

Favorite brands: Edgehill Collection (find at Dillard's), The Beaufort Bonnet Company, Fantaisie Kids, JoJoMamanBebe, Cecil & Lou, Little English. 

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Little Girls

Skirts or dresses are always classic choices. 

For little ladies still in diapers, rompers and bubbles are absolutely darling.  Consider a peter pan collar, too- so sweet.


For pre-teens, Hayden Girls has nice options.


Some pretty things for little girls, on this Amazon list. 

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Little Boys

For little ones still in diapers, consider rompers, bubbles, jon-jons, overalls, and peter pan collars. 


For older little gents, follow the same guidelines you would for dad- light colors, chinos, collared shirts, dress shoes. 

A few options on this Amazon list.


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Check everyone's nails. 

Everyone's hands and feet will be in the photos.  Nude, blush, or natural nails are perfect for mom.  Clean and trimmed for Dad.    Check kids' nails the night before and remove any kid nail polish. 

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Pack Your Comfort Items

If we are shooting on location, make sure to have water for everyone in the car.  Consider packing a special treat in the car for after your session, or taking the kids out for ice cream! 

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Choosing a Location

So many beautiful options in our area. 


My favorite spots to shoot are along the Tennessee Riverwalk, Chester Frost Park, and Sugarloaf Mountain.  Love having mountains and water water in the background! 

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No tech.

Please, no cell phone shots during your session. 


Prep adults and teens to be ready to remove devices for their portraits.  Apart from being a big black box in your soft, dreamy images, your smartwatch may look terribly dated in five years.  (remember fit bits?!)  These photos are forever.  Please be prepared to remove all tech during your session.  

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Relax and Enjoy.

We will have fun, play games, and snuggle. 


Relax, let me direct you, and don't feel you need to make your children behae like angels. 


Encourage your children, love on them, and be their biggest cheerleader.  Don't worry if they don't seem to be cooperating perfectly or listening to every direction.  It's OKAY!  We will catch more bees with honey, so just keep smiling and loving on your family and I'll take care of the rest.