Maternity Session Style Guide

The Basics

Choose what YOU feel great in!  Start by choosing Mom's outfit and then plan the rest of the family around her.  Avoid matching clothes--i.e., kids matching each other or a parent.  Instead, choose clothing that coordinates.  It'll look much more natural on camera. 

I'm happy to be a sounding board for wardrobe consults-- text me some photos and we can talk it out, or better yet, just bring everything you like with you to your session and we will figure it out together! If all goes well, we can do more than one outfit. 

Where to Shop

Pink Blush is my first stop for gorgeous, unique maternity gowns.  Beautiful designs and SO many choices!   Chickaboo specializes clothes for photo sessions and has a great maternity collection.  ASOS also has a fantastic maternity collection.  Amazon is also a great place to look- lots of options with 2-day shipping.   If you're thinking of renting, Mama Bump Rentals has tons and tons of choices.  

For the rest of the family, you can find beautiful, unique items at Zara / Zara Kids, Asos, and H&M.   

Mom's Outfit

All hail the maxi dress!  They are comfortable, flattering, and always look beautiful in photographs. (Make sure to have a nude bra and seamless panties for underneath.)


If dresses aren't your thing, a fitted top that hugs your bump can also be gorgeous.  Elbow or wrist length sleeves are universally flattering, but if you love your arms, rock out with the sleeveless!

Husband's Outfit

If you're wearing a beautiful gown,  don't let your partner wear cargo shorts and sneakers. :)  Your partner's clothes should complement yours and gererally mirror your level of dressiness.  Kakhis and a white button down are always perfect- they're classic, photograph well, match just about everything, and can be dressed up or down.  Sweaters and henleys can be great, too.

Kids' Clothes

Size down for kids clothes.  Remember: coordinate, don't match.  Think about the whole picture, including shoes.  Avoid clothing with any characters, graphics, or  words (including "big brother/sister" shirts).

Hair & Makeup

You're growing a human, and this is a great opportunity to spoil yourself a little!  Consider having your hair and makeup done before your session, if you're not comfortable doing it yourself.  I have a local hair and makeup artist who works with clients regularly, and I can help set that up for you, if you'd like.  She will even come to the studio! 

Finishing Details

underthings: a seamless bra & panties  will help everything look smooth and elegant.

manicures: both your hands, your husband's hands, and possibly older siblings' hands will be featured on your bump, so make sure everyone's nails are clean & looking fresh!

Make it Special

Try thinking of your portrait session as a date night!  Since you'll be looking your best, you might enjoy  going out for  a fancy dessert after we wrap up.  Celebrate and enjoy this time. 


You'll look back at your maternity photos and remember what a wonderful day it was. 

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