Newborn Session Guide

The Basics

Choose what YOU feel great in!  Start by choosing Mom's outfit and then plan the rest of the family around her.  Choose colors that coordinate, but aren't exactly the same.  For kids, sizing down makes for a cleaner look.  Baby does not need an outfit- you can pick a wrap color for baby when you get here. 


I'm happy to be a sounding board for wardrobe consults-- text me some photos and we can talk it out, or better yet, just bring everything you like with you to your session and we will figure it out together.  There is a bathroom for you to change if you'd like to try different outfits. 


In general, lighter colors look soft and flattering next to sweet baby's skin.  Try opting for different shades of white, cream, tan, and grey as your base colors.  Blush pink, powder blue, soft greens and violets can add some interest. 

Where to Shop

My first stop is Pink Blush for maternity & beyond.   Absolutely gorgeous dresses, and SO MANY options.  You can't go wrong! Lulu's and Tobi are also great online retailers with beautiful dress options.

For the whole family, you can find beautiful, unique items at Zara / Zara Kids, Asos, and H&M.   For basic t's and sweaters for men & boys, Amazon is great- Target & Old Navy can work, too! 

Mom's Outfit

All hail the maxi dress!  They are comfortable to sit in, and look so soft and romantic.  Lulu's is always my first stop, almost everything is $50-75.  Amazon also has some good options. 


If dresses aren't your thing, a top with a drapey cut will give you that same soft feeling. Stay comfy- better a bit loose than too tight and constricting.  Leave stretch cotton tops at home, they look wrinkly on camera.  Elbow or wrist length sleeves are universally flattering, but if you love your arms, rock out with the sleeveless!

Dad's Outfit

Think soft fabrics with a relaxed vibe.  My top pick for Dad is a henly or thin sweater.  


A knit polo (long or short sleeve) also looks great. Collared shirts are okay too, if that’s what he’s most comfortable in, but they can sometimes look a little stiff next to a newborn. 

Kids' Clothes- the do's

Little girls are sweet in dresses and/or soft sweaters- pinks, whites, and ivories look great with baby's skin.


Little boys look great in henly's, knit polos, sweaters, or even a nice T- white is great, but any soft color looks good.


Jeans or kakhis are great (save the sweatpants to change into after!)

Kids' Clothes- the dont's

Please, no busy patterns or prints. 

No graphic or character T’s.

“Big Brother / Big Sister” shirts are fun for snapshots, but for studio portraits, it’s better to choose children’s clothing that is simple and timeless. 

Baby's Outfit

No need to bring an outfit for baby, I have all of the hats, headbands, and wraps we’ll need!  If there is a special something  you'd love for me to incorporate, bring it and be sure to let me know before we start. ​

Baby can come to his session in a loose diaper and zip-front pajamas, so we don't need to lift anything over his head.

What should I bring?

- Please bring 1-2 pacifiers.  Even if you aren't using them everyday, they really, really help get baby settled for photos.  

- If baby is using bottles, be sure to pack plenty of formula / milk.

- Bring anything you need to keep yourself comfortable, including clothes to change into after we've done family photos.  

-Snacks.  Sessions are typically 2-3 hours, but once in a while I'll have a baby that takes a bit longer.  I'll have coffee, tea, water bottles, and granola bars for you, but if you have specific dietary needs, please feel free to bring food / drinks!  The studio waiting area includes a full kitchen with a fridge and microwave.

- You do not need to bring any outfits for baby, unless you have something special you want me to incorporate.



My baby is so cute! Can I take my own photos during the session?

Please, no iPhone photos during your portrait session.  Your standard photo release includes an agreement that I'll be the sole photographer during your session- that includes mom snapping shots of the kiddos with with phone!  There are lots of reasons for this, including- the kids need to be looking at MY camera, not your phone!   Please wait for the "real thing" from me, I promise it'll be worth the wait! :) THANK YOU!!!

If you want to take some "pull back" shots (like a photo of me photographing baby) those are fine- I actually love them.  Let everybody know you're getting your newborn photos done today with Liza at East Ivy Photography! 

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