Newborn Session Prep Guide

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Pack Mom's Outfit

You'll be between sizes.  The Studio Wardrobe can  accommodate sizes xs - xl and there is something simple and pretty for everyone.  Bring a nude bra (strapless preferred but not necessary).  If you'd like to buy something yourself, I HIGHY recommend a midi-or maxi-dress with sleeves.  Your best bets for style and quality are Red Dress, Lulu's, Baltic Born, and Pink Blush.  If you can't do a dress, a flowy, off-shoulder top in a solid, light color is also great.  I have several, or you can bring your own.  Pair with comfortable maternity jeans in white or light denim.

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Pack Dad's Outfit

Kahkis or denim on the bottom. Barefoot is best, if he doesn't like barefoot, socks are okay.  Light colored sweater or henly on top.  I have cream and white crewneck sweaters for dad in studio (both size Large) or you're welcome to bring one. 

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Pack Kid Outfits

Simple clothes, light colors.  No logos or  characters, please. 


The Studio Wardrobe offers a good selection for girls from birth through age 10.  Boys options are limited to just a few sizes- chat with me and we will find the perfect thing. 


I've rounded up some ideas for everyone on this amazon list. 

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Pack for Baby

-two pacifiers, even if they don't normally take them.  

-extra formula, if you are bottle feeding

-that's it-- I have all outfits, bonnets, wraps, and headbands we will need. 

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Check everyone's nails. 

Everyone's hands and feet will be in the photos.  Nude, blush, or natural nails are perfect for mom.  Clean and trimmed for Dad.    Check kids' nails the night before and remove any kid nail polish. 

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No tech.

Apart from being a big black box in your soft, dreamy images, your smartwatch will look terribly outdated when your newborn enters kindergarten.   These photos are forever.  Please be prepared to remove all tech during your session.  

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Hair & Makeup

Relax and let our Hair & Makeup Artist pamper you.  If you have a particular base you know looks great, feel free to bring it, but this is not necessary. 

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Pack Your Comfort Items

I'll have coffee, water, and snacks.  Sessions can take up to three hours, so feel free to bring your favorite snacks and drinks.  There is a full kitchen with refrigerator in the studio. 

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Know the studio will be very warm. 

Babies like being warm and having the heat cranked up (no matter the time of year), helps babe stay settled and sleepy. You are more than welcome to bring comfy clothes to change into once family images are done.  I understand postpartum hormones-- if you need to step outside for a moment, go ahead.  And there is ALWAYS ice in the kitchen.  

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The Morning Of

Stimulate & keep baby awake for an hour or so before the session.  A warm bath is a great way to do this as well as talking & interacting with baby while keeping he or she in just their diaper.

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Feed, Feed, Feed.

Feed baby right before you leave the house. A full belly makes for a happy, sleepy baby. If you live more than an hour away, we will likely have to give baby a full feed when you arrive.  


Feeding baby as much as possible in the 12 hours leading up to the session will also help tremendously.   We will also likely have to feed baby midway through the session- this is very normal. 

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Packing up Baby

Bring baby in one-piece zip pajamas.  Leave the diaper a little loose so it doesn't indent their skin too much.   After all that morning feeding and stimulation, baby will fall asleep in the car on the way here.  I'm often able to get them out of the carseat, undressed, and into their first set of poses without waking them.  

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Relax and Enjoy.

Not to sound super cheesy, but it’s true — this time is so fleeting.  Enjoy watching me mold your little one into all the  squishy little poses.  We will marvel together at their tiny toes and their little pink lips.  Every baby is a perfect gift. I love what I do and strive to make your experience relaxed, easy, and lovely.