Chattanooga Maternity Photographer \ My Beach Photos!

We had the BEST time last week in South Florida!

We were on the gulf coast, and spent every morning visiting the beach & the pool, and every afternoon napping. It was the PERFECT vacation for a (perpetually tired) pregnant momma!

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Y'all know I love photos. Some photographers don't like to be in front of the camera, but I love to be in our family's photos. I practice what I preach- MOMMAS, GET IN THE PHOTO! WE EXIST, TOO!

pregnant woman, maternity photographer chattanooga tennessee

I feel like maternity photos are a special thing I can do for my baby. I want her to know she was loved and anticipated and celebrated. I'll be honest-- the afternoon before we went out to take these images, I looked at my husband and said something to the tune of, "I reeeeaaaalllly don't feel like doing this."

beach maternity photos, best family photographer chattanooga tn

But, with so many things in life, you're happy once you've done it! Like working out, or doing that task you've been putting off, or even sometimes even just putting on real clothes and going out to eat- It's so much easier to just chill and watch TV, but doing *the thing* is always better in the long run.

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My sweet little ladies had fun watching the sunset at the beach, too!

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Usually I recommend mommas wait until 30 - 34 weeks for thier maternity sessions, maternity photos done sometime between 30 - 34 weeks.

I'm only 26 weeks in these photos, but because this is my third, my bump is as big as a first-time mom at 32 weeks.

pregnant worman, beach, best maternity photographer chattanooga tennessee

For these photos, my sweet husband helped out. I got the camera all set up for him, and he did a great job catching focus!

happy woman, pregnant, beach, maternity photographer chattanooga tn

I wore my FAVORITE dress, the one I ask just about every maternity client to try on. It fits like a glove, shows off the bump, and as a bonus-- it's fun to play with the color of it in photoshop afterwards!

chattanooga tn maternity photography, photoshop color change

Make it pink! No, make it blue!

disney movie still sleeping beauty

sunset family photos chattanooga, newborn photographer chattanooga tn

My sweet daughters, collecting shells

maternity photos chattanooga, blue dress, ocean, family photographer chattanooga

I love my little "girl squad" so much and can't wait to add one more little lady to the tribe!