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Family Photographer Chattanooga | Hutcherstons at Raccoon Mountain

How photogenic is this family, right? Leah and I were introduced by a mutual friend (Thanks Carol Ann!) and I had such a good time with them. The sky was threatening to just open up on us during the entire session, but Leah and Jacob kept their cool and were SO flexible.

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I'm loving this Raccoon Mountain location. It's close to Chattanooga, and doesn't require much walking to get to the most gorgeous vista. On one side, there's the tree-lined valley below, and on the other, open water. It's so pretty and versatile.

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How beautiful is this momma, right? and look at the sweet little detailing on Pierson's dress- THE WOODEN BUTTONS!!! all the heart-eyes.

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She's such a happy, alert little baby. The big blue eyes!

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I think she got mom's smile.

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Or maybe big brothers?

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I asked Jacob to do his best "Angry Vogue Model" for me here, and he NAILED IT.

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I love this gentle grey monochrome with the sky, gravel, water.