Family Photographer Chattanooga \ Perrell Family Photos at Jack Benson Heritage Park, Chattanooga TN

Heritage Park, on Jenkins Road in Tennessee, is such a great place to visit with kids!

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The Perrell family scheduled their family photos for a Sunday evening in early fall and had the most perfect weather.

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Josh and Diana have four beautiful children. Such a fun family!

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There is the cutest red barn in one corner of the park. Here are the Perrell kids snuggled up with their grandparents. If you know the story behind the barn, can somebody tell me? Did this used to be a working farm or something? Did Jack Benson donate the land for public use? It's a mystery.

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The CREEK!!!! This is the most fun. There are little "islands" you can climb to, and it's SO much fun to explore. On hot summer days you'll even see people SWIMMING in the deeper parts.

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There is a gravel walking path all around the park, and you'll always see lots of people walking their dogs or just exercising. It's such a cheerful place. There's a dog park there, too. It was closed for a while for COVID but it's open again now. There are bathrooms between the dog park and the playground that are open to the public.

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1 .... 2.... 3.... JUMP!!!

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The Perrell ladies looking gorgeous@

The playground is great for smaller kids- I think it's geared towards maybe toddlers through Kinder? I've seen bigger kids having fun there, too though. There are swing for babies and bigger kids, too.

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Just the guys now!

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The Perrell kids are lucky to have Aunt Kelly to love on them!

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