Vacation Memories \ Chattanooga Family Photographer

We had SUCH an amazing vacation in South Florida last week!

sand, beach, sunrise, chattanooga family photographer

We watched the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean, and collected shells in the cool morning air.

dad with daughters, beach, family photographer chattanooga

We watched pelicans fly and swoop down to catch their breakfasts.

girl smiling, hairbow, photo studio chattanooga tennessee

Such beautiful colors just before the sun came over the horizon. Absolutely worth waking up for!

beach sunrise, baby photographer chattanooga tennessee

We walked back to the hotel, which was just across the street, and ate breakfast on the outdoor patio.

Changed into swimsuits, then back to the beach!

Crazy how different the colors are at 7am vs. 10am.

girl at beach, sand, waves, family photographer, maternity photographer chattanooga

Emmeline living her #bestlife.

toddler at beach, sand, newborn photographer chattanooga, baby photographer chattanooga

After the beach most days, we hit the pool!

kids at pool, water, baby photographer chattanooga tn

Both girls LOVED the hot tub. I'm pregnant, so normally I would go in up to my thighs and keep my tummy out of the hot tub. But on the first day of vacation, I slacked on sunscreen and burned my feet pretty well, so I couldn't get in at all. Ouch!

kids at the pool, drinks, cake smash photographer chattanooga

loving the Shirley Temples from the poolside bar!

iguana at the pool, pet photographer chattanooga tn

This big guy and his friends made daily appearances on the pool deck. Emme wanted to pick him up!

toddlers dancing outdoors, family photographer chattanooga

Halfway through the trip, we moved from the Hilton on Deerfield Beach over the Waldorf Astoria in Boca, just a few minutes up the road.

sisters hugging, palm trees, family photographer chattanooga

my sweet girls love each other so much!

girl spinning in pink dress, maternity photographer chattanooga
toddler playing in grass, baby photographer chattanooga

One of the best parts of the Waldorf was outdoor dining. There is this beautiful lawn that separates the outdoor seating from the beach, and it was PERFECT for letting the girls run around while we waited for food.

girl laying in grass, family photographer chattanooga

toddler girl smiling outside, baby and newborn photography chattanooga tennessee

girls playing in grass, family photographer chattanooga, ocean, pink dress

Josh had a couple of different kinds of beer, but his favorite was the Waldorf Signature Draft, which he dubbed "almost as good as a Bud Light." BAHAHAHHAHA!

man smiling and drinking beer, headshot photographer chattanooga

fish taco plate, outdoor dining, lifestyle photographer chattanooga

Mahi Tacos with an ocean view. Vacation dinner perfection!

man smiling with beer glass, headshot photo studio chattanooga, family photographer chattanooga

We had the most gorgeous weather all week!

Emmeline napped most days on vacation, but skipped it this day, and crashed during dinner. FACE PLANT!

young kids building sand castle, lifestyle family photographer chattanooga

Building sandcastles after dinner. Love that warm, soft light.

toddler girl running at beach, family photographer chattanooga, beaufort bonnet
toddler chasing seagull, lifestyle photographer chattanooga tn

My little animal lover, trying to hug a sea gull.

Momma's girls

sisters on beach dock, East Ivy Photography, family photographer chattanooga

Having fun with Dad!

lifestyle photography chattanooga, studio photographer chattanooga, blonde children, white curtains

Sleepy girls, looking out onto the balcony in the early morning light.

with their bears. I always want to remember these years.

ice cream by the pool, lifestyle photographer chattanooga