Maternity portraits are a priceless gift you create for your baby. 

Someday, your child will look back at how much their arrival was anticipated with love. 

When should I book maternity photos?

Please reach out as early in your pregnancy as possible, as my calendar does fill up.

I generally suggest that we schedule your maternity portraits at the beginning of the third trimester, somewhere between 32 and 36 weeks.

First time mothers may want to wait until 34-ish weeks, as it may take a little longer to get a big round baby bump.

Veteran mommas, since your body knows what to do, you'll be able to take your Chattanooga maternity portraits earlier in your pregnancy, if you'd like. You'll likely be baby bumpin' pretty well by 32 weeks.

What should I wear for my maternity photos?

Short answer? A gorgeous gown, or maybe two or three or four!

East Ivy Photography provides Chattanooga mothers with a selection of beautiful gowns in our Studio Client Closet. You are welcome to schedule a dress fitting before your maternity portrait session, so you can try them all on ahead of time. This will allow your to go into your session relaxed, knowing we have a solid plan and you're going to look absolutely divine.

If you're wanting something you can keep forever, I'm happy to provide lots of shopping suggestions to all my favorite maternity gown vendors.

Chattanooga locals can even shop in-store at Savannah Taylor and enjoy a special East Ivy Photography Client discount.

Hair & Makeup

I love hair that is soft and flowing- either gentle curls to show movement or a simple updo are absolutely beautiful.

Hair & Makeup Artistry may be added to any maternity session.

Our professional HMUA will meet you in studio and help to bring out your natural beauty and enhance your beautiful preganancy glow.

Are family portraits included?

YES. Your family is such an important part of this. Please bring your partner and any older siblings. Fur-siblings are also welcome!

Where should we take photos?

My light and airy studio space is perfect for maternity photos. We can book your session any time of the day and enjoy beautiful light and controlled temperatures and humidity. Your photos will be soft and light, with a neutral background that fits your home decor and looks good any time of the year.

We can also take photos outdoors. There are so many epic locations here in Chattanooga, and I'd love to suggest a few favorites for your maternity photos.

For the full experience, you can book a longer session and include both studio and outdoor portraits. Most mothers choose this option.

Why should I book my Chattanooga maternity photos with East Ivy Photography?

I want to help you to see yourself beautiful masterpiece, capable of creating life.

Pregnancy can be so hard, both emotionally and physically. What our bodies do is nothing short of miraculous. The realities of pregnancy can be really difficult.

Your maternity portraits will allow you to remember this time at its most lovely. We will capture you as a loving, hopeful, glowing mother to be.

If you see beauty the way I do, let's chat!

"There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation."

—Pamela S. Nadav