Welcome earth-side, Mary Grace!

This little angel came to visit last week and was such a sweet little babe during her newborn portrait session.

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Her mama followed my Newborn Prep guide to a T and I was able to welcome her parents to the studio, and while they settled and mom tried on some dresses, we got a sleeping Mary Grace right into her first set of portraits without waking her up. That's always my goal' to get them out of the carseat and into a cozy little pose right off the bat.

newborn baby on white blanket, white hairbow, newborn baby photographer chattanooga, photo studio ooltewah ringgold

She was like a little kitten, making the tiniest little "mew" each time I scooched her this way and that to get the pose just right. I like to be able to see at least one foot and one hand (check!) with little fingernails (so cute) and some back rolls. LOVE a baby back roll. (BTS- there is a heating pad on low underneath all the blankets, so they are nice and warm (but not hot!) and there is a warming fan blowing behind the table, so it's heating the blankets from behind. Careful careful never to overheat a baby, and parents, don't do this at home in a crib for sleep of course. But for a few minutes, with me right there, the heating is perfect to counteract them being in their "birthday suit" for portraits.

new parents holding baby on white bed, newborn photographer chattanooga, baby photos hixson, sweet caroline, light airy

Proud parents. Mom is built like a ballerina, so long and lithe, and she looked dreamy in this dress from the studio wardrobe.

baby white hairbow pink basket sleeping, chattanooga newborn photographer, studio photos chattanooga, baby photos signal

sweet angel baby with her pink lips!

smiling newborn baby, cake smash photographer chattanooga, baby photos ooltewah ringgold hixson, studio photos light

Mary Grace woke up for a bottle, and then decided to join the party for a bit. She was SO SMILEY. Lots of babies smile as they are falling back to sleep, and MG was in a wonderful mood dreaming happy things. I had just picked up this little vintage doll carriage a few days before, and her mama said she'd had one when she was little, and that she and her sister played with it all the time. After playing "babies" for years, it's fun to see your own, *real live* baby in it. It'd be so fun to take another photo in a year, at Mary Grace's cake smash session, with her pushing it!

macro baby newborn collage, newborn feet, hands, lips, toes, newborn photographer chattanooga, maternity photographer

All the little detail shots. Eyelashes, little fingers and toes, tiny ears, spit bubbles on sweet baby lips.

I can feel the oxytocin releasing in my brain just thinking about them! My husband thinks I'm extra-sensivitive to hormones, which contributes to loooooving babies-- and newborn photography.

newborn baby feet stretched out, white moses basket, newborn photography chattanooga, baby photographer chattanooga

My favorite photo of the whole session, I think. Big stretch coming out of the swaddle. The wrinkles on the bottoms of the feet!

baby wrapped in white swaddle, cream blanket, newborn photographer chattanooga, maternity photo session hixson best

Sweet bitty looks so tiny in the Moses basket! My talented mother in law (hi OMI!) knitted the cream layer she's bundled up in. It's SO SOFT. (hint, hint, Christmas cough cough please knit me a blue one!)

Baby's parents chose a mostly white color scheme, which means that all their photos look great in black and white.

black white photo newborn baby, chattanooga baby photographer, newborn, cake smash, maternity, family
black white image mother and newborn baby, studio photographer chattanooga, oolewah maternity photography
black white image smiling newborn baby, chattanooga photographer newborn cake smash, long hair mother dreamy white
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macro close up shots, black white, baby fingernails, newborn photographer chattnaooga

Such a sweet new family. I love the light coming from the window- it's like the fourth element of the photos. Babies are made up of Mom, Dad, and a little bit of something very special.

Thanks for coming to visit me, sweet Mary Grace!