Happy First Birthday, Björn!

Buckle up, friends, because we have SO MUCH CUTENESS to share with you today!

Meet sweet baby Bjorn!

His adorable big brother,

...his sweet and gentle Daddy...

and his beautiful mama.

I had so much fun planning this session. Bjorn means "bear" and this baby was the most cuddly little sweetheart you ever did see.

We started off with some relaxed, snuggly family portraits. Big brother brought so much life and energy and FUN to these photos.

Baby Bjorn loved watching his big brother-- even in these portraits with Dad, he's laughing at something big brother is doing just off camera. They had such a good bond.

Big brother wanted to join in to the mother/baby portraits-- while also maintaining some independence. I love capturing the changing dynamics between children-- here, you can see big brother's burgeoning independence juxtaposed with his desire to still be involved and close to his mama. Just sweet, simple moments playing on the floor with toys, with the morning light streaming through the window. Creates just a lovely, accepting, safe, and warm feeling for me, looking at these three together.

a detail shot of big brother's gorgeous long lashes as he looks down on his train-- and one of his big beautiful blue eyes complemented by the blues and whites of Mom's dress (available in the client closet).

Mom and baby (and a breadstick!) Bjorn's squishy baby cheeks look so irresistible.

Such a beautiful family!

During our consultation call, Mom and I tossed around several ideas for Bjorn. She wanted a balloon arch and something with bears (and do you see the letter B block in the back?) Love how this turned out with the fuzzy textures and all those sweet smiles from baby.

OBSESSED with Bjorn in this knit sweater-- I LOVE how his little tummy pulls a gap open, Such a little honey bear! The sweater actually has bear ears on the hood, but Bjorn was a *hard pass* on having anything on his head. What baby wants, baby gets!

The next "set up" is a Winnie the Pooh theme, and Bjorn made the cutest little resident of the Hundred Acre Woods. Mom wanted big brother dressed on a play to Christopher Robin, and he absolutely nailed it. At one point, Bjorn needed to take a short bottle break, and big brother wanted to hang with me, so I got my massive wooded "3" out of the closet, since his birthday is this month. It was fun to get some portraits of both boys, both individually and together.

Bjorn was adorable with his "Hunny" cake. He had fun smashing it in and taking a few little tastes, but then didn't like having his hands dirty. He tried to climb away...


It was the most adorable baby thing I've ever seen. I mean, he didn't love that part, and maybe there's something wrong with me, but I think babies are cute even when they're mad. And when Bjorn got his LEG STUCK IN HIS CAKE is was the cutest, maddest little bear! I always like to do a "frosting on the feet" shot at every session, but Bjorn gets a 10/10 for doing it all on his own-- an entire LEG in his cake. I'm laughing at my desk RN thinking about it.

For anyone counting, I think this is "set up" #3? bears, Pooh, and then watercolor backdrop. This is what happens when we are just having too much fun.

Speaking of clothes-- both of the dresses Mom wore are from the client closet, as is the sweater Dad is wearing, and every outfit for Bjorn. So much fun dressing y'all up! This little blue knit romper is from Dillards and we also have it in green. They have SUCH a cute selection for little boys. Since I have three girls, it's a lot of fun for me to shop for the baby boys who come visit me to have their picture made!

Bjorn's last set up was the "all white" look, with the white high chair near the window, and the little wooden cake. His blue collared bubble is another Dillard's find available in the client closet. These photos were my absolute favorite from the whole session, so clean and innocent and pure.

As mom and dad were prepping to leave, big brother came to say goodbye and I HAD to get one last portrait of the sweetest little guy. He has the three pieces of cake in front of him for his third birthday coming up, and I love his body language here. So happy and relaxed and engaged. the best!

I had so much fun celebrating your birthday with you, Bjorn!